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Cher’s New Song is Bonkers.

The undisputed God Mother of gay culture has just released this totally baffling, strange and downright bonkers song called “Ooga Boo.” From the animated TV show “Home Adventures with Tip and Oh.” Wait for a protest from some right-wing pearl-clutching tank to start any time.  

Gay Porn Star Road Trip Karaoke Kelly Clarkson

Yes… it was time for another Car Karaoke (I was using it long before that British Git was, so I’m not stopping using the name). After a long week of porn… we were all exhausted… a bit punch drunk and I really needed a massage… instead, we hopped in the car and had fun shooting […]

Cindy Wilson’s new single Mystic.

While the B-52’s have fun with their respective solo projects… I’m still hoping for one more B-52’s album. But meh… their solo work has been a blast and while I love it all, Cindy’s has been my personal favorite.

99 Seconds From The Last Year

Titan is taking a short break from shooting for the summer… we’re not taking a break, though. I’m editing movies we’ve shot this year and catching up with all that other “stuff” we need to do… Maybe writing a script or two… But I figured I’d take a look back at some of the highlights […]