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Black Espresso Martini


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As a connoisseur of the martini, I’ve managed to come up with many recipes of my own along with my own take on classic drinks. A martini is special because unlike a soft drink or even a basic mixed drink, each one is individually crafted and created just for you. You can order it with your own special preparation likes and dislikes… shaken/not stirred,  extra-dry, with an extra drop of vermouth… your favorite kind of vodka or gin or… anything.

Here’s one of my own creations. The Black Espresso Martini. I use decaf espresso if it’s later in the day, but I find this is a great drink for mid afternoon cocktails on a hot Sunday afternoon.

  1. 1 Oz Espresso
  2. 2½ Oz Vodka
  3. Dash Chocolate Bitters
  4. Dash Vanilla Extract
  5. Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice (you may want to cool the espresso, but it’s not required) and shake until the shaker is almost too cold to hold. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with the cherry.

For a sweeter variation, add ½ Oz Kirschwasser  and ½ Oz simple syrup.. OR ½ Oz of the syrup from the Luxardo Cherry.




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A Tale Of Two Tweets


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Yeah…Chichi… I just might have have an idea… 🙂


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Red Light


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One of the stranger things about this scene is that it’s literally been over a decade since I saw anyone smoking in a porn movie. It just struck me as… something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Anyway… Christian Sam and Robbie Rojo are suited (of course, this is MenAtPlay) and at what appears to be a gay sex club. Before long we have slings, bondage gear and some rather beautiful surreal sex.

I love the tone of this one.

It reminds me of the sex parties I used to find myself at back in the 90s… dark and eerie and dangerous and totally hot. Where you could just let yourself go.

Check out the whole movie at MenAtPlay

Big gallery of stills after the jump…

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I grew up thinking that The B-52’s were the 5 coolest people in the world… Ricky died when I was in 10th grade and I was bit of a mess. But his sister and the band, in various incarnations, still persevere to this day… I saw them play a free show in downtown LA this summer that was so over-attended that it shut down the city.

Anyway… Cindy has a new album and although this song isn’t on it, both of her EPs and her new full length album can be downloaded or purchased (don’t be cheap, buy it) on her Band Camp page.

But this song is what I’ve been singing in my mind all day (while I toured various colleges around Los Angeles trying to decide where I’m going to go… news on that soon, probably… stay tuned).

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Lost Clip: Francois Sagat directing Jesse Jackman and Christopher Daniels in the Bacchus scene.


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This is an amazing clip… Long lost once that I haven’t seen in years. But it’s rather amazing to see.

Francois is learning to direct from Brian Mills. Jesse is very to new porn and I’m experienced shooting porn but I’m new to the team… We managed to shoot one of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever worked on.

The scene ended up looking like Clash of the Titans… complete with a thunder and lightning storm that fell on the men as we shot… it was amazing. I’m still in awe of how incredible it looks.


OH… watch the full scene here at Titanmen.

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Saturday’s Wake Up And Wank Material – Kane Turner.


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Ex-Army Muscle stud Kane Turner is one of those big lumps of British muscle that we all love so much.

Or, at least, I do.

Nice closeups of the foreskin, good shots of his big but not too buff body and that bad-guy look and accent that always gets me going.

I woke up and had a nice wank to this one today.

See his whole scene at Hard Brit Lads.

More pics after the jump…
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Yeah, that happened to me once, too.


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Seriously, are there no fucking copy editors in this place?

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Naked Knight 2


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Another HOT as fuck entry in the Naked Knight Saga from Class Comics.

I’ve been a huge fan of the work of Patrick Fillion for years… the way he draws those comic book heroes with big huge dicks and bulging muscles… and now that Class Comics has exploded into the powerhouse that it is, he’s brought in the work of a lot of other artists that I adore like Jacob Mott (who does my favorite comic Mako Finn) and now Sunny Victor whose artwork reminds me of the Star Blazers anime I used to watch as a kid.

Highly recommended. Click Here to read more

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A Tale Of Three Tweets.


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It’s not like we haven’t ALL had those brain-fart moments when we get the director or writer wrong… And I really like Angelo Zambrano and you should all follow him on Twitter… so I’m not gonna razz him too much for this because it’s kinda funny.

And it’s not even his fault. My newest movie Big Brother stars both Tristan Jaxx and Daymin Voss. (just in different scenes… Tristan is with Luke Adams and Daymin is topping Jason Vario).

So it’s not THAT much of a stretch to mistake my good friend Steve Cruz’s movie The Gun Show for that…

Still.. was kinda funny.

Also.. Steve’s movie is hot. So it’s not like I mind his work being mistaken for mine.



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Director’s Blog: Making the Big Brother scene with Jesse and Julian


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As I wrote over on the Titanmen blog… I almost cut off Jesse Jackman’s head with the drone when we were shooting this scene.

Ok, not quite… there are safety guards and the blades are made of soft plastic.

But it would have done some pretty nasty damage to him and we wouldn’t have been able to shoot the scene. The carnage can be seen in the split screen from the BTS movie… I got REALLY close to Jesse..

BTW… that shot was kinda fucked up. That’s not the one we used. I had forgotten to remove the safety brace on the drone and the camera wasn’t able to pan straight down. The shot that I used in the scene was done after this and the drone stays way above their heads and just pans down at them. But this was a pretty cool shot, too.

The hardest part of the opening bit was that I had to shoot most of the opening sequence twice. I shot this with four different cameras. The Drone, my OSMO, my GoPro and the full-quality Titan HD cameras. But since most of those cameras have to be held very close… I couldn’t be in a wide shot… anyway… I had Jesse and Julian play around in the pool using my big cameras.. and then stripped down to my bathing suit and shot it all under water with my GoPro. Continue Reading

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