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Two Dick Minimum


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Ok so… yes… one of my first jobs when I got out of college was working as a waiter in a gay bar. I had a blast… it was a non-stop party, the men were hot, the drinks were plentiful and the fun just ramped up all night.

So when I found out my buddy Steve Cruz was doing “A Gay Bar Porn” I approved.

And he’s done a great job just showing the raw, ripped sexual energy you’d expect to burst from that type of environment.

OH and on top of Steve Cruz’s top-notch direction, CJ and Manuel tear this scene up… the energy is through the roof and their bodies look amazing. This is a great scene.

“Last call at the cruise bar has cum and gone, and with the patrons gone, the bar staff is free to do as they please. Barback CJ Phillips leans against the bar with his ass in bartender Manuel Skye’s face, and he sucks eagerly on CJ’s tight hole. Spreading CJ’s butt wide, Manuel uses his tongue to fuck CJ’s ass. When CJ’s hole is nice and wet, Manuel stands up and pounds him doggy-style.

Their balls bounce in rhythm with their intense fucking. Laying down on the bar, CJ puts his right leg over Manuel’s shoulder, giving him access to the sensitive depths of CJ’s hole. Stroking his cock, CJ blasts his abs with thick, hot cum. Pulling out, Manuel lets loose with an enormous load, shooting multiple arcs of cum through the air and landing them on CJ’s chest.”

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The Wayback Machine: What Happens On A Porn Set When They’re Not Making Porn


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Another throwback to 2011 and the set of Incubus. We had established stars Spencer Reid, Jimmy Durano and Shay Michaels in the pool and a VERY new Trenton Ducati. Trenton is a huge star now, but this was literally his first 30 minutes on set for any porn movie. He had just arrived in Palm Springs and had never performed on camera before. That night he would shoot his first-ever scene with Jimmy Durano for François Sagat’s Incubus, but this was just him getting to know the men…

What I love about this video is how sweet and natural it is. They really do like each other. But more important… this is what they just naturally do when there’s nobody around to judge them or tell them to stop.

People ask me all the time if a porn shoot is “just one big orgy when the cameras aren’t rolling” and while I usually say that no… generally not… this video proves that occasionally yes… the men can’t (and don’t) keep their hands off of each other.

And.. hey, I say “let the men have some fun.”

Later that night…

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Looking back at the 90s


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A rather cute parody/homage to the 90s. The short nod to the MTV show Pop-Up Video (which was carried by Much Music in my native Canada) says that director Ben Giroux and hip-hop artist Jensen Reed spent their life savings making this video. That’s probably a bit exaggerated.

Also featured is Garrett Clayton who started out as a child star on Disney Channel star before playing gay porn star Brent Corrigan in porn shockumentary King Cobra. 

They sure put more effort into this than I put into “Back to the 80s”

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The Wayback Machine: Making the François Sagat Realistic Dildo


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This is going back many years to 2009… François having a cast made of his dick for the François Sagat Realistic Dildo. It’s no longer available (although you can still find a few on eBay) but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching him get his dick cast and then jerking off in front of the crew and the guy making the dildo cast…

If you want to see more of François Sagat in action… Click Here to Check out his MANY scenes over at Titanmen.

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Tim from The Guy Site


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Only a few pics I had available to me… But I’m gonna have to actually log on later and see more of this big chunk of man. Apparently he’s a bouncer… I’d like to bounce THAT around for a while…

Click Here to see The Guy Site.

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Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow: The Blackjack


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Just like me: Dark and a bit bitter. But still sweet and smooth. Easy to make, but your friends will think you’re a magician. The Blackjack’s beauty is that with Kirschwasser as a main ingredient, you can adjust how sweet you want it… or… have it not sweet at all.

  • 1½ Oz Brandy (this is the guts of the drink, don’t scrimp on this)
  • ½ Oz Kirschwasser
  • 1 Oz espresso (chilled is best)
  • 1 Tbsp Demerara Syrup (adjust the level depending on how sweet or not sweet you like it)
  • Chocolate Bitters (give it a couple shakes)
  • Pecan Bitters (just one shake)

Combine the ingredients into a shaker with uncrushed ice. Shake until the shaker is uncomfortably cold to the touch. Serve up and garnish with maraschino cherries (I like Luxardo… choose whichever you like).

Drink while listening to Ghost’s Cirise.

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Porn Director Problems: When there’s something on the lens but the men wanna Suck Dick.


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Being the director means a lot more than just yelling “action” and watching the men fuck. While we were shooting this scene from the up-coming Titanmen movie Cum Laude, I noticed a tiny spec on the monitor from camera 2. That means we have to stop the action… try to fix the problem and then move forward.

But when your men have great chemistry and just wanna play… that means that while you’re moving lights, adjusting gear or (in this case) cleaning the lens… the dick sucking doesn’t stop.

Watch for this scene with Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant coming soon.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Click Here check him out in one of the biggest scenes I’ve ever done from OUT!

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A bunch of naked guys sing for George Takei’s 80th birthday.


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Not much more to say, really…

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File Under “Duh”: Straight Men More Willing To Have Gay Sex While Drunk


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A new study published in The Journal of Social Psychology gives us a bit of scientific background to the well known phenomenon we call “The Five Beer Queer.”

This field study, conducted outside of bars in the Midwestern United States, examined 83 heterosexuals’ sexual willingness with a same- or other-sex partner. Participants viewed a randomly assigned video vignette of a same- or other-sex partner. Alcohol intake, partner attractiveness, and sexual willingness were measured. Using moderated regression analysis, we found that alcohol intake predicted sexual willingness with the male target for both men and women, but not with the female target. The attractiveness of same-sex partners was related to sexual willingness. Sexual willingness was only influenced by alcohol intake and perceived attractiveness of a same-sex prospective partner. Most notably, alcohol intake was related to increased sexual willingness of men with a same-sex partner, suggesting a potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men.

In other words, straight guys are more likely to “go there” if they’ve had a few drinks.

My own personal market research in this area back in college could have told you that, although I should probably point out that it’s NEVER ok to ply your hot straight guy friend with tequila shots in hopes that he’ll give you a shag.

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The Wayback Machine: Francois Sagat gives Blow Job Tips


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Found this gem today.

Since I launched Dick Harden, I’ve been having a blast going through my hours and hours of old video clips. Some are from other sites… some are just my old clips from as far back as 2006. Watch for them all, here. We’ll be adding old clips and showing you some new stuff, too.

Here’s a fun one… my first day on set at Titanmen. I was originally hired as a production assistant but because of a scheduling issue, I ended up working camera on the Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed scene in Incubus.

That scene is a stunner… really hot, beautifully edited and unbelievably hot men who were all really into each other.

Click Here to join Titan. You’ll get full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. Streaming in crystal-clear HD. It’s like having a complete, regularly-updated Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket for any time the mood strikes you.

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