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Chatting with Carole Pope.


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sat down for fun with my friend Carole Pope to talk about her current health challenges but also her coming projects. We shot this with a film noir look to it. No reason other than I’ve been watching a lot of Noir horror movies.

If you want to donate to Carole’s recovery fund, here’s the link… https://www.gofundme.com/carole-pope-recovery-fund

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Shut and drink your coffee.


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I have entered the “dad joke” phase of my life.

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Gay couple takes the Dumbo ride the first time


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Twenty-Six and a half years together, about 75 trips to Disneyland (I haven’t counted but we’ve been going at least once per month for years) and we’ve never ridden the dumbo ride before. There’s a first time for everything. See you October 6th for Gay Days.

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We Don’t Have Homosexuals In Alabama


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Hot gay dude with southern accent and red beard.

I blew a load in my pants before he made it to the actual part where he does a Leslie Jordan impression.

I want to gay sex him.

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Home Made Gay Butthole Pooper Poker Fail.


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I have no words.

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Size Matters


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Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud. Those of you who are DVD fans will remember this remarkable encounter from the DVD ‘Size Matter’, for most of you though this will be the first time you are seeing this XXL encounter.

Peter seems to definitely be the better at giving blow jobs, but I’m pretty sure that his dick is the biggest thing that Zac has ever tried to put in his mouth.

The fucking action here is fast paced and intense with Peter taking all that Zac can give. For those of you who are left wanting more huge dicks all bundled together for ease of viewing, we can highly recommend any of our Size Matters or Offensively Large titles.

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Some things are so sacred…


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Canadian New Wave diva Dalbello was way too talented for the New Wave scene in the 80s in Canada.

Her three albums Whomanforsays, She and Whore are all so perfect it’s hard to describe. But it was all a bit too much, including this single Black On Black that was about masturbating alter boys, sin and guilt and anger.

One of my favorite albums. I still put this one on a lot.


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This nice man is going to fuck you in the ass.


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Don’t make him angry. Just smile and let it happen.

Trust me, it’s the only way.

I surrender but I won’t cum quietly.

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Blondie and Joan Jett’s video for Doom Or Destiny.


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The first rock concert I ever saw was Brian Adams opening for Loverboy. That was great and I had a blast.

But the SECOND rock concert I ever saw was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. And that changed my life. Joan was incredible… the magic in the crowd that hot summer night was something I’ll never forget.

And now… 35 years later… here’s Blondie (another one of my favorite bands) and Joan Jett together from the new Blondie album.



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Lorenzo Flexx gets fucked by his ‘Big Brother’ Liam Knox


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We all need a mentor.. and big brother figure to show us the ropes, right?

This was a fun scene to shoot, although we pushed our own limits in shooting in a very closed, tight space. Looks great and Liam and Lorenzo have chemistry off the chart, although considering they’re two of the coolest men in porn, it wasn’t a surprise that they’d get along so well.

This was NOT an easy scene to shoot.. the alley between houses is VERY tight and we had to use every possible lighting trick to get the light either in there OR sunlight reflected and defused and still able to get two cameras… but we made it work.

I was around the corner watching through the monitors yelling directions through a bush.

No, really.

Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind. Liam nibbles Lorenzo’s lip and takes charge, keeping the sub under his spell as he guides him down. He beats his dick on the sucker’s face, Lorenzo taking it to the root as he chokes, spit dripping down Liam’s sac to the ground.

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