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Gay Comic Geek Reviews Skuff


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Yes. It Was Me. I Talked Jasun Vario Into Bottoming For Daymin Voss. (ok, Daymin helped)


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So… my phone is blowing up…

People are all going APESHIT over the fact that not only is Jason Vario bottoming, but hairy stud Daymin Voss got to do the honors.

That was a fun shoot… Jason was just going to top but somehow… I managed to talk him into bottoming and making the scene a flip.

It’s possible that Daymin batting those eyelashes at him and asking him to bottom was the deciding factor. But I don’t care… I got to direct these two stunning men together in a scene that everyone is talking about.

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The Last Time I Went To The GayVNs, I Stole Michael Lucas’ Limo. And Yet, They’re Inviting Me Back.


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I don’t even remember the year, but I was still working at Fratmen. That’s how long ago it was.

2007, I think.

We were nominated for one GayVN Award that we knew we wouldn’t win, but we went anyway because it was a party.


I met Eric Rhodes. I was standing next to a few studio people and I was chatting with them… I thought my friend Jeff from MaleFlixxx was stinging next to me and I turned to him to tell a joke… I made it literally 4 seconds into it before realizing it was porn royalty Eric Rhodes and not my friend Jeff…. I was HORRIFIED. I was thinking “OH man.. he’s going to be REALLY mean to me.”

But I was already telling the joke so I just… finished it. And instead of saying “who the fuck are you?” he laughed, said something like “OH I KNOW, RIGHT?” and we laughed some more. He then said something probably funnier back. That was when I knew that Eric was not, as I had suspected, an attitude-filled, stuck up jerk but one of the coolest, nicest and most laid-back men in porn.


I was drunk at the end of the night and I didn’t want to walk back to the hotel and I didn’t know how to get back. So one of my friends and I literally just… jumped into the limo of Michael Lucas and told the driver to take us to the hotel. We kinda expected to get arrested. The driver started to drive off and then he slammed on the brakes and yelled “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE” and got out of the car, came barreling around and told us to get out…. and THEN… Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco appeared… trying to get into the limo that we were trying to get out of before the cops arrived.

I was GOING to beg Michael to not have us arrested, but instead of that… he laughed and said “Are you going back to the hotel? I take you there.” So not only did I NOT get a strip search, I got a free ride to my hotel AND I got to hang with Tony DiMarco (who is one of my favorite porn directors).


The nominations for the GayVN Awards came out today and… Titan has 30 nominations, including TWO for me… for Best Director in the Feature category (For Cauke For Free) and Best Director in the Non-Feature category (for Demolition).

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Gay Comic Geek reviews SWAP


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I love it when he reviews my movies… And MAN is he ever cute.

Click Here to download the full movie at Titanmen. Readers of DickHarden get a SUPER SPECIAL $9.99 Join Price.. 


Not all couples relationships are black and white. Some couples SWAP out their partners. This is explored in the TitanMen Movie – SWAP. This is directed by Jasun Mark and stars Liam Knox and Steve Roman.

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Most of you under 50 would just remember Nancy Walker as “The Quicker Picker Upper” lady from the paper towel commercials. If you’re under about 37, you might recognize her as “Rhoda’s Mother.”

But she was, in fact, a hilarious and talented woman of stage and screen. She was also a TV director, bringing us episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So yes, she was a genius.

But few people under 60 know that she also had a beautiful singing voice and had quite the recording career. Her first commercially available record was in the 40s, avaialble only a 10″ shellacs, a selection of songs from “On The Town.”

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EXCLUSIVE BTS STORY: Derek just wanted to fuck Bradley, but the rule was “Only on camera.” So….


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I LOVE hearing the behind-the-scenes bits from GayHoopla because you get a real picture of how REAL those scenes are.

This isn’t hype… that really WAS Bradley Whitman’s first dick. He’d never kissed a guy, never sucked a dick and he sure as hell hadn’t ever been fucked before. But… there’s a first time for everything, right?

GayHoopla director Landon and I were chatting recently (we’ve kept in touch since our Fratmen days) and he gave me the inside scoop. The big rule for all porn makers is “YOU DO NOT FUCK THE TALENT.” It never ends well and it always ends bad. It’s always a bad idea to fuck the talent.

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Beard Maintenance Lighting Round


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My burly, bearded buddy Ernesto posted this rather hypnotic 24-second video on his Facebook page of his morning beard grooming ritual.

I don’t have the patience for this but WOW that’s one epic beard.

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Fuck Your Religious Ass.


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Half the time, MenAtPlay scenes are in another language… this one is no exception. Unrighteous is… well, without subtitles, I’d have no idea that Hector De Silva is fucking Axel Max because he wasn’t getting the message that “I’m not interested in your political propaganda.”

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Luke Adams gets fucked by his Big Brother


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I can’t really say much about this scene… it was a blast to shoot, although we spent more time laughing and chatting than actually shooting Luke Adams getting fucked.

Ok so… Tristan Jaxx has a HUGE dick... like… it’s so big that it doesn’t even really look as big as it is on screen because it’s… that big. Hard to explain.

Anyway… Luke had Googled Tristan so he knew what he looked like and he certainly did want to shoot with him based on that. But once he saw just how big Tristan’s dick was, he couldn’t wait to get going.

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Dick In The Sky…


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ArtAsideBig DicksFunny

You know when you see a cloud and think “that looks like a dog” or “that looks like a face?”

Well, in Washington State yesterday… people were looking up into the clouds and saying “that looks like a dick.”

Navy officials have apparently released a statement  saying “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

When reached for comment about who to sue/arrest/charge for the mostly benign outline, FAA officials said unless the act poses a safety risk, there is nothing they can do about it. The official said they “cannot police morality.”

Also, apparently some upset mom threw a fit saying “how do I explain this to my kids.” Lady, it’s a body part. You should have already explained that to them and if they’re boys, they already know.

Honestly, some people really need to relax.

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