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Back to the Pool – Rio 2016

Team Greece Team Hungary Team USA Water Polo – this has been an over looked aquatic sport for me during the games in the past… but not anymore. Also looking forward to some of the other games as well – Wrestling, Rugby, more swimming, diving and gymnastics, Track and field events.

Diving and Gymnastics – Rio 2016

Denis Abliazan – Russia David Belyavskiy – Russia David Boudia and Steele Johnson – US – Diving   Tom Daley – Great Britain Diving and Gymnastics – two of the best sports for the hottest guys in the games. You can’t go wrong with the tight speedos and spandex that highlight some of the best parts.    

Men does their take on Sense8.

How this is a parody of the dark/sexual drama on Netflix I’m not totally sure.  But Sunny Colucci and Hector de Silva steam up the screen. Sunny Colucci and Hector de Silva find themselves together in the same room, though they live thousands of miles apart. The guys use their Sense 8 abilities to an orgasmically […]

Rio 2016 – Gymnastics

Good Lord are these guys hot! The US men’s team is full of hot muscle and flexibility. Not only is watching the talent they have amazing, watching the muscles and trying to catch a glimpse at what they have in their shorts is quite fun too. Danell Leyva – nice amount of fur and muscle! […]

Rio 2016 – Opening Ceremonies

Well, they are here – the 2016 Summer Olympics. Still trying to figure out which is more of my favorite to watch, be it the Summer Games or the Winter, but damn the guys of the Summer Games are hot! Now, the Opening Ceremonies were lavish and the chance for Brazil to show it’s stuff. […]

The Three Bears

The third and final scene in Package features a 3-way between three muscular and hairy men… Dirk Caber, Max Sergent and Hunter Marx. The setup is a simple one that ties into the other scenes in the movie. Dirk Caber is a policeman who pretends there’s a noise complaint at the house of Hunter Marx […]