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Well… THIS looks fun… You all know how much I like Red Heads, right?

I mean, you can be the ugliest uncle fucker on the face of the earth but if you’re an uncut red head, I’m PROBABLY gonna wanna blow you anyway.

Peter isn’t QUITE a red head, but he’s close enough.

Peter & Marco have met up in the showers and are admiring their big cocks hanging between their legs. Once under the water of the shower they start playing with each other and making their cocks grow even bigger.

They share blowjobs under the water and then Marco bends Peter over and rims his ass. Peter then bends Marco over and fucks him up against the wall first.

Marco then says it is his turn and bends Peter over and drives his huge cock deep in Peter’s tight ass. He fucks him deep for a while and then lays him on his back and fucks him even deeper with his massive throbbing cock. They fuck until they cannot hold back and both shoot nice loads of cum.


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Daymin Voss and Eddy CeeTee


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A couple months ago, both Eddy CeeTee and Daymin Voss took to Twitter to gush about how much fun they’d had shooting together. Details were sketchy… we knew they’d shot for Raging Stallion and that there were costumes involved. But Steve Cruz being the director he is… we really had no idea what that would mean.

Well, we finally know… This was the movie Gaymers.

Daymin’s hairy chest and deep voice are as intoxicating as ever… Eddy has that “big lug” style and his irresistible manliness is part of his charm. These are men who just wanna fuck hard.

It’s kind of hard to full explain this scene… Daymin and Eddy are both video game characters who live in side the gaming system… kinda like Tron. They’ve just fought in the game and now that the game is over… the two of them are hooking up. I guess it’s not that hard to explain it..

But here’s the description from Raging Stallion…

Daymin Voss and Eddy Ceetee are characters in a video game. After getting clobbered and coming to a full stop game over ending, Eddy approaches Daymin who is splayed out on the ground in the losing position. In a show of solidarity and to make amends, Eddy grabs Daymin’s hand and helps him to stand up. The electric attraction is evident immediately and the two cyber-hunks start making out as Daymin reaches for Eddy’s bulging crotch.

Daymin wants to show his appreciation for helping him off the ground and gets on his knees to service Eddy’s big veiny cock. Eddy fucks his face as his big full balls slap on Daymin’s chin. After getting his fill of cock in his mouth, Daymin bends Eddy over to eat his hairy ass. He tongue fucks his cyber-opponent until his hole is open and ready for a deeper penetration. Daymin stands up and gives Eddy a special treat when his slides his hard cock deep into the begging stud. Daymin pounds Eddy into submission until Eddy decides that he wants a go at Daymin’s tight hunky ass.

Daymin lies back and spreads his legs as wide as they’ll go. His hole is ready and he can’t wait for Eddy to fill him up. Eddy gives Daymin exactly what he needs and fucks the living hell out of Daymin’s back door making Daymin explode all over his own fuzzy stomach. When Eddy sees all the cream from Daymin, he pulls out and blows a massive sticky load all over Daymin’s pool of jizz.

Click Here to watch it all at Raging Stallion.

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Mike Gaite takes “My 10 Inches.”


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Usually a site built all around one person isn’t going to last very long… The big exception that comes to mind is Jake Cruise (where our blog partner Jasun Mark worked for years), but even Jake has stopped performing.

That said… I’m going to give Rocco Steele‘s solo venture My 10 Inches the “exception to the rule” here. Rocco is a handsome, funny and cool guy but his dick is not only 10″ long… it’s 8″ in circumference. That’s one hell of a dick and with his top-notch performing skills… he’s gonna break open a LOT of asses and I’m pretty sure the porn star bottoms of the world are going to want to line up to take a ride.

Today… Mike Gaite. Also handsome and a great bottom… he takes Rocco’s dick every way he can. It’s clearly bigger than he’s used to… but he grits his teeth through it. It’s an amazing thing to watch, really.

Watch the whole scene over at My 10 Inches.


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Johnny V and Nate Stetson act out my #1 Jerk Off Dream


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Tony DiMarco finds a very fun way to pay homage to gay porn’s roots. Giving a bit of a wink to the audience by copying scenarios from classic movies in the Flacon catalogue, Route 69 gives new life to old movies in a great way.

Starting the movie with a bang, the old gay porn cliche of the horned up auto mechanics gets a new addition with this hot-as-fuck scene that I’ve jerked off to 5 times now… and is def going to be in my top 5 scenes of the year. Johnny’s strawberry blond pubes, Nate Stetson’s reddish mustache, the smooth skin, Johnny’s perfect asshole taking Nate’s thick dick.

Trust me on this one.. these are two hot men who like to fuck, know how to fuck and wanna fuck with each other. When Nate is sucking Johnny, you can almost feel that mustache rubbing your dick. When you see Johnny’s eyes roll back, you can feel it in your own hole.

Tony did an amazing job of shooting, lighting and editing this. Five Bones from me for this scene.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Falcon Studios. 

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yet another year….


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Nine years ago, Carlo and I finally were legally married in Toronto. I had a broken arm, the only song we had on my iPhone was “Shine a Little Love” by ELO (this was before the iTunes store app existed) and after our 10-minute ceremony at City Hall, we went and had brunch with friends. We’d already been together for 16 years (25 now), so it was mostly just for legal reasons we did it. But it was still fun.

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Currently Editing: Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant


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This is an up-coming feature called Cum Laude. In this scene, Professor Caber and one of his recently graduated students  are having some fun by the pool when they’re caught by two other students (Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana) who… just watch the action.

Had a great time shooting this. A few drone shots and camera tricks make this a fun one to edit. But also… this was December… this is what December looks like out here. Movie out in early June.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Check out his many scenes at Titanmen here. 

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I’ve been waiting for this movie since I was 7.


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I adore Wonder Woman… always have. The many failed attempts to bring Diana to the big screen are finally over… we get the Wonder Woman movie June 1st.

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If only I had a stepdad like that…


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Or a friend with a dad like Dirk Caber – ugh… those beautiful blue eyes. Those alone are enough to get me hard, but the muscles and dick are just an added bonus.

21 17 8 5

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New Landlord


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Dennis West is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his apartment. His new landlord Jimmy Durano has just served him an eviction notice. Jimmy has something in mind that will help him forget the notice he just served—something specific involving his rock hard cock penetrating Dennis’ tight ass. Who knew keeping your rent controlled apartment could be so…pleasurable.


Hell – If Jimmy Durano was my landlord, I would do the same

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Fuckemon GO


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I was waiting for this to happen – knew it would only be a matter of time before Pokémon GO got turned into a porn – and I must say it is AWESOME – Men.Com presents – FuckemonGO!


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