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Hector and Joey Bareback

I think my favorite thing about this picture is that look of happy anticipation in Hector’s face…. he knows he’s gonna get to fuck Joey… and he can’t WAIT to tap that ass… Hector is so beautiful that I could just stare at his stills all day. That handsome face framed with the black beard […]

Pierre Fitch returns to porn

I first remember seeing Pierre Fitch doing a solo jerk off and dildo scene on a long-defunct site called Bedfellow. His English wasn’t great (he’s from Quebec) and he had a cute, twinkish.. maybe a bit dopey look to him. Fast forward 15 years (?!?) and Pierre makes a rather stunning return. Looking better than […]

Big Wet Cocks

Well… THIS looks fun… You all know how much I like Red Heads, right? I mean, you can be the ugliest uncle fucker on the face of the earth but if you’re an uncut red head, I’m PROBABLY gonna wanna blow you anyway. Peter isn’t QUITE a red head, but he’s close enough. Peter & […]

Daymin Voss and Eddy CeeTee

A couple months ago, both Eddy CeeTee and Daymin Voss took to Twitter to gush about how much fun they’d had shooting together. Details were sketchy… we knew they’d shot for Raging Stallion and that there were costumes involved. But Steve Cruz being the director he is… we really had no idea what that would […]

Mike Gaite takes “My 10 Inches.”

Usually a site built all around one person isn’t going to last very long… The big exception that comes to mind is Jake Cruise (where our blog partner Jasun Mark worked for years), but even Jake has stopped performing. That said… I’m going to give Rocco Steele‘s solo venture My 10 Inches the “exception to the […]

yet another year….

Nine years ago, Carlo and I finally were legally married in Toronto. I had a broken arm, the only song we had on my iPhone was “Shine a Little Love” by ELO (this was before the iTunes store app existed) and after our 10-minute ceremony at City Hall, we went and had brunch with friends. We’d […]