Big Dicks and hot Young Men…

It’s a romantic night in for Raf Koons and Nino Valens as they browse through the BelAmi book ‘For the Love of Bali’.

Of that’s what the setup is. Who cares? That HUGE dick is going in a butt. I’m happy.

Both of these guys are passionate and we already know that Nino isn’t going to have any trouble taking Raf’s huge dick, so this is an inspired pairing.

Judging by the cumshots, both boys enjoyed the scene even more than we did here in the office and Raf even gives us re-entry after he shoots his load on Nino’s ass.

Click Here to watch the whole collection at Belami.

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Because Dylan James with a cock up his ass is hot. No Matter What.

This is from that weird “Lost Videos” collection from Michael Lucas.

Not sure what the deal is with this movie… some of it seems to be scenes that are older.. some just don’t seem to have a place. My guess is that these are those “we’re all here anyway, let’s just shoot another scene and see what we get” scenes that weren’t part of any particular movie.

Either way… This was just another excuse for me to watch Dylan James get fucked. He’s handsome as fuck, those tats make my dick hard and I love to see him get his ass railed good and proper because a filthy fuck like him needs to get his hole pounded every so often just to remind him who’s boss.

And yes… a nice load of cum in his face because… he deserves THAT, too.

Yeah, I say those words while I jerk off watching him.

Click Here to see it at Lucas Entertainment.

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Bros Before Hoes.

Not totally sure what the title has to do with the scene… but Hey… FOURGY!!

When buddies Quentin Gainz and Eric Turner make their way over to their bros house to see what’s happening, they can hardly believe what they see through the window: their boy Gunner half naked and sucking off fellow bro Zey Hardy in the dining room.

Seeing that they are clearly unashamed, Quentin and Eric decide they might like to join them, so instead of knocking, they burst through the door and confront their bros with the proposition. Gunner and Zey both seem into it, and so Gunner resumes his position on the table while Zey and Eric take turns face fucking him. Quentin makes his way to Gunner to suck on his cock, and as Gunner deep throats Eric for the first time, Eric realizes what a great idea this was after all. Breaking down into pairs, Eric returns the favor to Gunner while cock hungry Quentin goes to work on Zey’s big cock. Gunner pulls his cock out of Eric’s mouth and suggests they all go upstairs to take it further.

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Buck Gets Fucked


The scene isn’t out yet… it’ll be coming to GayHoopla this Friday.

But we’ve been watching Buck Carter… a huge hunk of muscle and attitude… since he appeared in his solo a few weeks ago. He’s not that tall, but he’s HUGE. That deep, booming voice caught us the moment the camera started rolling and once he did some flexing and couch-humping (when did that become a thing?), we were hooked.

In his solo he mentioned that he’d done a couple hardcore scenes, one with Derek Jones and the other… didn’t say. Well, today we found out that Julian Rodriguez got to do the honors of giving Buck his first on-screen dick (Buck mentioned that he got that ass from bottoming, so clearly it’s not his first ever). Read more →

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Ben Bateman fucks Tomas Brand

Doesn’t happen much, but when it comes… we like to see Tomas Brand take a dick in the butt.

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, loves the chance to give a new Lucas Man a proper introduction to the studio. Tomas is known for being sweet and strong at the same time, and he’s as tender when fucking a guy as he is rough and dominant. Ben Batemen gets this special treatment from Tomas, but it’s not just Ben taking it up the ass.

Every once and awhile, Tomas likes bending over and giving up the goods, and Ben’s adorable smile grins ear to ear at the chance to bang a guy as sexy as Tomas in this awesome scene.



CLICK HERE to see it at Lucas Entertainment.

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Michael Lucas debuts new hunk Andre Donovan

Wow. THAT’s hot…

According to the press release:

Andre Donovan is originally from Columbus, Georgia, and he currently lives in New York City. His close proximity to Lucas Entertainment made applying an easy decision. And he wasn’t looking to be an exclusive at the beginning, either. “I do porn mainly because it’s fun and sexy and I find freedom in the art of adult film. I had such an amazing time filming with Lucas Entertainment — with all the crew and my scene partner — that I wanted to film even more scenes with the studio specifically. It just made sense to sign. I was made an offer at the end of my first day on set. I signed the following evening.””

Apparently his first scene will be out tomorrow…watch it at LucasEntertainment.

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