That time I directed a music video for my Idol Carole Pope

I haven’t posted this here, yet… flashback to 1981, I was a huge fan of Carole Pope and her New Wave band Rough Trade. They were kinda like the Canadian/Gay version of Blondie… not that they sounded like Blondie, but they were less a “new wave” band and more of a sort of musical revue cabaret… their albums would have torch songs and rock songs and dance tunes and maybe an old Vaudeville sounding track… they’d do a sort of parody of a Beatles song and then have a mid tempo rocker about bondage.
I loved them.
I bought all their albums but I lived in a way too remote part of Canada to ever see them live, so I had to do with recordings…
Come 2016, Carole and I were introduced by a mutual friend and almost immediately became friends… us LGBT people from Canada always feel like strangers from a strange land here in LALA Land, so it was nice to have someone I could share a martini with while talking about.. stuff.
One day in 2017, she brought me a new recording of a song she’d just done called This Is Not A Test. I sat there in the Art Deco martini bar we were at wearing headphones and listened in a hypnotic euphoria… it was fun, it was angry, it was catchy and kick ass but most of all.. it was Carole in all her glory and the moment she asked if I’d be interested in shooting a video for it… I jumped at the chance.

We shot it in my garage in front of a green screen over a few days. We got some friends to drop by and dance, Clara Venice who had co-written the song, produced the recording and played theremin on it came to take part and did such a great job that I really do hope we get to work together again…
The only words we got from the label were “kinda Banksy” and so… I came up with the idea of a wall. The president who shall not be named had talked about wanting “a wall” and I figured the wall would be ground zero in our fight for our future. I spent weeks coming up with the right effects and process to make a wall of graffiti dance for me.. and then… we had our video.
I hope you like it.

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