Prostate Play Premiere. Markus Kage FINALLY bottoms for Alex Mecum

Time for another fucking hot update from the new Masqulin site brought to you by the same guys who brought you MenAtPlay. Any time I get to see Alex Mecum in action is a good time… so seeing this was a dream. He’s hot as ever, fucking bareback and looking amazing doing it.
And this time… it’s Markus Kage’s first time bottoming.
Alex doing his best pushy top. “So you’re trying to tell me I have to get fucked in the ass to feel better?” Markus Kage asks…
Cue the silly music…I’m not sure what Masqulin has with silly music, but they make it work.

Alex is one of the most passionate performers and he’s at his best here. And that huge dick… hard to resist that.
Markus is hairy in all the right places… that thick dark beard and his very hairy ass crack. Alex with his naturally salt and pepper hair looking amazing as usual.

Markus Kage comes home frustrated from a hard day at work and is looking to take it out on Alex Mecum’s big ass. But, not this time! Alex wants to help Markus finally release all his pent up tension – with a good prostate orgasm or glanding!
Markus Kage, hesitant at first, succumbs to the sexual pleasure and finally gets prostate #glanded. Aggressive top no more! If it feels good, why not! Right?

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