Face Full Of Dicks

I mean really… you gotta love a bear porn with big hairy, cuddly guys called “Face Full Of Dicks.

Muscle Bear Porn has this way of making it all look totally unmanned and unplanned. Stationary cameras, no director off screen talking through the whole scene… just big hairy bears all piling on and having fun the way big hairy bears do.

MAN, I’d love to be in the middle of that fur pile. If I ever DO decide to get back in front of the camera… this is where I’d go.

There is nothing sexier than Riley Mitchel’s eyes when he looks up at you while sucking dick. Want to know how to make him hard? Just stick your cock in his mouth and he starts leaking all over the place. A lot of jizz was exchanged in making this film and we know Riley is going to be a favorite of yours just like he is of ours.

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