The Dirty Doctor: Devin Gets The Drill

Ryan Rose kicked some serious in this movie. It’s fun, funny, hot and the action is off-the chart. This is one that we’re REALLY proud of. We laughed a lot (there are a few intentionally comedic bits… scroll down). But we also were really excited to see all the hot men in this movie and the trouble they get into…

First up is Devin Franco coming to see the doctor because his asshole hurts… Dirty Doctor Rose reaches in and pulls out… dildo after dildo. And of course… the fun begins.
Later scenes feature Dalton Riley, Cade Maddox, Zario Travezz, Beau Banks, Adrian Hart and Steven Lee. We also added a running joke with Brian Bonds playing the slightly pervy assistant.

You’ll see four more scenes spool out over the next few weeks… I’ll keep you in the loop.
Oh and wait til you see THIS one….
Click Here to see the whole movie at Hot House.

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