Movember Moment

Think we’ve all had that barber fetish. When I was just discovering just how hot men are… being at a barber shop was the closest thing to sex I had… So this scene from Masquilin is… a jerk off dream come true.

OK so…. Movember is a sort of charity event that… it’s about men’s health and encourages men to grow mustaches for awareness or something. I don’t get it, but whatever… it’s hot men, shaving and butt sex. Whatever they want to call it. And if it can raise funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer.. even better.

Ian has found a particularly friendly barber named Brock Banks to help him. The two chit-chat and become acquainted while Ian’s tight cut leads to a close shave. He has never had a professional barber shave his face before, and he is seriously impressed with the smooth result.
As Brock makes a final assessment of his work, he comes face to face with Ian; it’s too much to resist a kiss or the passionate fucking that follows (right in the barber’s chair). There’s a good chance that Ian will become a repeat client.
Click Here to watch the whole movie.
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