Copperhead Canyon. My FAVORITE Titanmen Movie and that's saying a lot.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wanked off to this movie. A few hundred at least.
Years before there was even a chance of me working in porn, let alone helming the best gay porn studio ever… Titanmen released what would become my favorite porn movie ever. Everything about this movie is perfect. The look at feel of Appalachia where it’s set (it was actually shot in the mountains along the North Pacific coast) and the mixture of younger/older men, the star power of Dean Flynn and Chad Manning... even a young Kurt Wild and Wolf Hudson.

The scene where the young dad discovers his underwear drawer has been raised by his son’s best friend and responds with “it’s ok… we all have secrets” is still one of the hottest moments in porn.
Couple this with Joe’s other opus shot at the same time, Chainsaw, and you don’t really need much else.
Copperhead Canyon remains one of my goto porn movies when I just wanna want to some real, hot men out in nature doing what guys do.
Copperhead Canyon has been remastered in a stunning 1080p High Def redux and is now back up at Titanmen.com
enjoy. I know I will.

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