Robbie fucks Ayden with ALL 9"

Robbie and Ayden start this one out playing a bit of one of those card games where they ask each other “have you ever…” Or “what is your favorite…” All about sexual encounters. Not sure how real those answers are, but they seem to actually mean it. Robbie gets asked “what are your three Big Dick problems” and Robbie talks about how there’s no way to hide having a boner in public, public rest rooms and he’s hard because he can’t hide it and being too big for guys.
Ayden says “that won’t be a problem with me” because “I got a big ass and I’m not stranger to taking big dicks.” Robbie tells him “yeah, so I’ve heard… word gets out.”

Conversation turns to what kind of dicks Ayden likes and he says he likes “length, girth and firmness.” Robbie tells him “I have 9 inches.
And with that…we’re off to the races.

Both guys are mostly smooth… a slight peppering of hair on Ayden, but they kiss with a lot of passion and Ayden can’t keep his hands off Robbie’s dick. I was a bit interested to see if this would be a good pairing, and it is… they have a lot of natural chemistry that comes across like watching two college buddies. Looking into each other’s eyes and those quick stolen kisses. Both guys are rock hard as they shed their underwear. I love seeing that. It means they were really into it. And you can tell they are.
Robbie doesn’t waste any time getting his dick up Robbie’s hole. Was kinda hoping for a bit more buildup and foreplay but it’s very obvious that the guys just wanted to dive right in. Robbie’s dick stays hard as a rock as it slams (and I mean SLAMS) up Ayden’s hole… Ayden stays hard, too. Side Note: It’s always a bit odd to me when the guys save cock sucking until the third act.

But after the FIRST CUM shot (remember this is Sean Cody and we usually get multiple cumshots from both in each scene), That’s when Ayden goes down and sucks Robbie. Then Robbie buries his tongue in Ayden’s hole before we get a final pile-driver position where Robbie blows a HUGE load all over Ayden’s hole. This is a much bigger finish than I was expecting. Even after the cumshots, they’re still kissing and sucking. This is a total slam-dunk of a scene.
Expectation: Medium. At first there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of chemistry and they came across more as friends.
Result: HIGH. That cumshot that Robbie blows is a gusher that I can’t believe we got out of him as his SECOND cumshot….
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