Cheesy Music aside… This works…Also… welcome back Gabriel Clark after two years away

Breaking from their “men in suits all the time” brother site MenAtPlay, the production team from Pinstripe bring you Masqulin… full movies with longer plots, a bit more setup and situations… Here we have The Live In which seems to take from the “Three’s Company” farcical mistaken identity and “people all living together must be fucking” trope.

OK yes, the setup is a bit silly, the music is pretty cheesy and the acting is about what you’d expect from porn actors who aren’t classically trained actors as a rule. But the men are hot, the dicks are hard and the sex is exactly what you’d expect from the team who brings you MenAtPlay.
In this episode, we welcome back Gabriel Clark who’s returning to porn after a two-year hiatus.
The story is… well, married couple  Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark have just taken possession of their new home, purchased from another eqaully hot gay couple (the house is already furnished, oddly enough). The next morning, Manuel kisses Gabriel goodbye as he heads off to work, leaving his him to sleep in. But this house comes with “another unexpected perk”  in the form of Shane Jackson who is the “house boy” that lives in the basement.  Gabriel soon discovers a “tenant” who pays his way using both traditional and nontraditional methods.

You’d think that when you buy a house, you’d know there is a hot young man living in the basement who pays his rent by fucking the land lord.
Whatever… this is porn and it’s all about hot men fucking. So… hot men fuck. I’m in.
Watch the whole movie at Masqulin.

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