Gay Comics: DiBEARcity.

Always fun to get new comics from Class Comics with their hot men, amazing storytelling, big dicks and rather incredible 2D action… this month’s new title Dibearcity #1 is no exception and might be one of my favorite titles from this powerhouse of a publisher.

Written and illustrated by David Cantero, Dibearcity tells the story of a group of five VERY hunky, hairy and hung friends. Of course, the action is hot, but it’s this rather stunning image that punched me in the gut. I think most of us have felt like that before. I know I sure did back when I was single and mingling a lot more than I probably would have.

The Deluxe edition contains an additional 30 pages of bonus material, including some HOT pinup art, some creation sketches, some different concept art AND the entire comic with the dialogue removed… just the artwork. It’s one of the things I love about the digital PDF versions from Class Comics...

Can’t wait for more from this series… Click Here to check it out at Class Comics.

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