‘Trick’ director Jim Fall in The Monstrosity Chase

We all got our starts in some odd ways. The first movie I directed was a DVD extra called Fratmen Going Down which documented the trip in Northern Australia to shoot Fratmen Alumni Weekend 5: Australia. But the first movie I appeared in was a never-released student film called “Walking Backwards Into The City.” It was a sort of nightmarish, surreal softcore porn about a young man who runs away from home for various reasons and supports himself in the streets of Montreal (played by the city of Moncton).

I think every director has been in the odd student film that’s both amazing and confusing. You’re supposed to make those movies when you’re a student.

This brings us to Jim Fall, a friend I met when he produced a few of the leather contests that I’ve hosted over the years. Most of you would know Jim as the director of The Lizzy Maguire Movie or the gay classic romantic comedy Trick. But back in the 80s, he was also a college student and starred in this bizarre production called The Monstrosity Chase. I’m not sure I understand the whole story but Jim (looking handsome as fuck, not unlike a young Trent Reznor) appears to be playing a hitman.

Anyway… The film surfaced recently on his Vimeo Page and I’m glad to have access so I can share it here… Enjoy.

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