Rimrock… my first scene I shot for Hot House

What a fun shoot that was… I didn’t direct this. My buddy Trenton Ducati did. He had called me up out of nowhere and asked if I’d be interested in coming on as part of the production team for the new Hot House movie that was to be shot in the semi-snow-covered Idyllwild. The movie had no name yet, but we had our cast and location and wrote in all the blanks as we went along.

Trenton and I met when he was a new performer on the set of François Sagat’s Incubus and I was a newly-hired camera man. I was still a cameraman on this shoot, but Trenton had risen to the director’s chair and he’s doing a bang-up job on this movie.


It was COLD… but we didn’t care… we had a porn movie to make and we had our stars Roman Todd and Devin Franco ready to go. We lit a fire, cranked up the heat and captured some magic.

Click here to see the whole movie at Hot House.

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