2018 Winter Olympics

Yes, there was a lull in posts – but I’ve been busy drooling over the Men of the Olympics. Yes, there are a ton of hot guys, but these three – hot and openly gay. Now, I’m usually the one that is like… “cool, an athlete is gay.” When it comes to the Olympics though, I always gotta support the team. If you haven’t already, you need to follow them on twitter, be a fan, support the team! Eric Radford (@rad85e) is a Canadian Figure Skater, Adam Rippon (@adaripp) American Figure Skater and Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy) American Skier.

Now there are other Olympic Men worth checking out – Chris Mazdzer for starters – American – Luge.  Ok – first of, let me get on my soapbox about this sport. Really, this and skeleton…. really, now who thought it was an awesome idea to wear a skin tight outfit on, put on a helmet and some gloves and shoes with spikes in them, jump on a sled either feet first or head first and barrel down an icy chute?! And then, let’s make it more exciting and get into Doubles Luge… where we do all this… and then there’s another person laying on top of you… soooo, who ever that person was, cool, its awesome entertainment. But enough about that, Chris… he is one fine man. That face, with just the right amount of scruff… and from the neck down, it’s pretty good too! Right amount of muscle and right about of fur… let’s just leave it as I would be on his doubles team!

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