Fleshjack in the Flesh


Johnny catches Justin pleasuring himself with none other than his own Johnny Rapid edition Fleshjack. Johnny decides to fulfill his fantasy and offer him a chance at the real thing.

Now I’m always going to be that guy who catches background things and always wonders about stuff… like what the hell kind of bar is this place, or who’s house is this really, like look at the set up – it’s pretty epic and expensive. But then again I start to wonder, who keeps a dildo and fleshjack under the counter in their bar area? Of course, this is all just silly because you have two hot men fucking.

Lucky for Justin, he discovers these toys and then gets caught… by the real deal. I do love how Johnny walks in, and wants to watch more. And then the best part, Justin gets to fuck Johnny, and he’s shoving his dildo in his tight hole… I can honestly say this scene has made me want to go get my fleshjack and dildo out to go for a ride. This is one scene you don’t want to miss!

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