Men: Dustin & Ethan

First thing first – I might be in love with Dustin Holloway. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dustin a few times, so let me tell you that hanging out with him is dangerous. He is so fucking charming and beautiful, you will fall in love with him in seconds. Ethan Chase is definitely on my radar after his scene that we crowned Bromo’s best ever (check it out HERE). Do these 2 deliver? HELL YES!!!

Ethan notices a straight couple moves into his building and suspects the Dustin is actually gay, so he naturally goes over to welcome the couple the community. Ethan arrives with a basket of meat, but as Dustin digs through it he discovers the real treat is Ethan’s hard sausage. Dustin jumps on that meat, clearly dick craved, worshipping that full satisfaction that can only be fulfilled with cock.

Ethan flips Dustin over into doggy so he can feast on Dustin’s perfect, pink hole. Dustin writhes in appreciation until the craving for dick became too much to handle. Ethan slides his cock inside Dustin, forcing his eyes to roll back in bottom heaven. Dustin starts to take command, sitting on Ethan’s dick so he can control the rhythm and jerk himself off. Flipping again, Ethan fucks a hot load out of Dustin before spraying his seed, covering Dustin in cum and sweat.

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