Gay actors playing gay characters? Well I’ll be damned.

DC really went balls to the wall with their TV expanded universe that all started with Arrow. I’ve always been hooked to this universe because it all started with sex on legs Stephen Amell. As the universe expanded to include shows The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, I was impressed with the true diversity the shows offered. We have gay men, lesbians, interracial couples and age gaps that all illustrate complex relationships rather than stereotypes. The latest massive crossover event locked lips with Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller.

Like most of us, I swooned for Wentworth in his Prisonbreak days & for Russell in those steamy Looking scenes. Wentworth has played classic Flash villain Captain Cold for a few years now, but this is Russell’s debut as The Ray. Without further adieu:

My takeaways:

These are gay characters.

Played by gay actors.

Not straight actors praised for being “brave”. Not a repulsive story line of a predatory gay man forcing himself on a straight man. Also, not a heat of the moment thing to never happen again, these two are a happy couple!

The more we see simple strides like this then more gay characters will be written, more gay actors will be casted and many more fantasies can be created in my head. What’d you think of the smooch? Do you think DC is doing it right?


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