Christians very upset about a gay kiss in a show about possessed child who masturbates with crucifix. No, really.

So… Ben Daniels, the stunningly handsome star of the TV Reboot of The Exorcist, plays a gay ex-priest on the show. (He was also an X-Wing pilot in Rogue One, so I love him even more).

Had you been paying attention to the show last season, you already knew this, but some people are kinda thick. Scenes where he was clearly drinking in gay bars and flirting with men, I guess, weren’t quite obvious enough.

Anyway… the most recent episode removed the “you have to actually pay attention” part of him being gay and gave us a nice, big, hot gay snog RIGHT in our willing faces.

I nearly blew a load in my pants, I think Ben Daniels is quite possibly one of the hottest men in history and I’d let him do things to me I don’t even let my own husband do…

Let’s not forget this season also includes a priest in a sexual relationship with a married woman and is based on a movie that featured a child masturbating with a crucifix and yelling “your mother sucks cocks in Hell.” This isn’t exactly Touched By An Angel we’re talking about. It’s a dark, rather gruesome horror series.

Show runner Jeremy Slater responded to the (admittedly few) jerks who were upset that a show about demons possessing children would also include a gay kiss with  “Good, fuck you. I’m glad you didn’t like it, I’m glad it ruined the show for you. You shouldn’t have good things in your life.”

“If a homophobe can’t watch the show anymore because one of the characters is gay, then I’m glad something good has come out of it,” Slater added. “This is 2017 and we still have people throwing temper tantrums online because they don’t want to see gay characters. I think it’s the last gasp of a certain breed of dinosaur that’s on the way out, and let them kick and scream as they go.”

And that, is that.

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