Active Duty: Mathias Bottoms for the 1st Time

I love first time bottom scenes. When a new pornstar comes around, I immediately wonder if they’re versatile and when I’m gonna see them get fucked. Active Duty’s Mathias was no exception. Mathias is just sexy. He’s got a great face with dark features and slight scruff, a smattering of tattoos and defined muscles all over. Today, we get to see his yummy butt get pounded by none other than Quentin Gainz. I can talk about Quentin all day, but this time I’ll keep the spotlight on Mathias.

Quentin, being the cock worshipper he is, dives down on Mathias’ meat. Watching him blow Mathias make it clear Quentin loves the taste of that dick and is savoring every second of it. When Mathias reciprocates, it’s almost loving. These 2 are really into each other which means the fucking is gonna be solid.

Quentin starts fucking Mathias from behind. While Mathias is tight, Quentin slides in with patience and keeps a good rhythm going. Mathias isn’t quite struggling, but his moans are that of a new bottom discovering anal pleasure and it’s intoxicating. As Quentin picks up speed, Mathias has slipped into bottom heaven, at one point sucking Quentin’s forearm just to have another part of Quentin to enjoy.

Quentin flips Mathias is a few positions on the bed, mostly fucking from behind and Mathias is loving it at one pointing yelling “pound that fucking ass!”. They both spill their seed on Mathias’ navel and it is glorious. I loved watching Mathias get fucked and the chemistry between him and Quentin really take it over the top. Can’t wait to see more of Mathias’ ass filled with dick.

Head over to Active Duty HERE to see it all!
Seriously, I’m a huge fan of Quentin Gainz and will share stories of my experiences with him soon!

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