Jesse Jackman Tops Again…(and Introducing Julian Knowles)

I gotta say… we laughed more making Big Brother than we did since we made Cauke For President. We laughed more making this than people should laugh while making gay porn.

Not that making porn isn’t, at the very base, pretty funny. But really… Julian Knowles is one of the funniest guys ever. He spends half the time just doing stand up live with us and keeping everyone on set in stitches.

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Julian was new to porn… and his real-life boyfriend Daymin Voss is so hot that everyone on crew just talking about how “FUCKING HOT DAYMIN IS OH MY GOD.” And then we found out that his boyfriend is a big huge ball of joy just like Jesse Jackman … well… we had to get Julian and Jesse together and maybe later… Daymin and Julian (don’t worry… your old buddy Jasun has your back.. that’s coming too).

Anyway… I think we spent about a quarter of the day shooting BTS footage and the drone and the under water shots… (because honestly, I wrote WAY to much B-roll into the script) and so by the time we were ready to fuck… Julian just wanted to get on with it.

So… We did.

WOW what a pair they were… and two big thick (and curved) dicks.

Go figure.

Anyway… see the whole movie at Titanmen.com

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