Bromo: Pierre and Ethan

Bromo wastes absolutely no time in setting the tone for this scene. Often with real life boyfriend pairings, the tone is very intimate. Not this time! The scene begins with Pierre Fitch standing in front of a bed where Ethan Chase is lying naked. Ethan commands “Fuck me any way you want!” and boom, insanity begins!


Pierre starts by relentlessly face fucking Ethan, streams of thick saliva everywhere. Pierre moves into 69 so Ethan can continue worshipping his fat cock while he eats Ethan’s ass. Pierre really stretches him out, giving us beautiful shots of Ethan gaping open. This is the best rimming Bromo has ever recorded.

Pierre starts off drilling Ethan in doggy, growling as he pounds away and viciously pulling at his hair. Pierre picks Ethan up, only to throw him on his back and to start fucking him on his back. Pierre fucks a sticky load out of Ethan, so Pierre laps some up and leans in to kiss Ethan, letting him taste his spunk. Pierre is not done with Ethan’s hole, at all. Flipping Ethan over, Pierre dives in from behind ramming Ethan balls deep. Pierre pulls out to shoot, but continues fucking with the same vigor as when the scene started.

This is possibly Bromo’s best scene ever. The heat and intensity is dialed all the way up, giving rough and dirty fucking that feels authentic. Head over to Bromo HERE  to watch these hot guys fuck.

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