Men – Ashton, Beaux and Cliff

I have been in love with Ashton since his days at Corbin Fisher. There’s something so dreamy about his face and voracious sex drive. Beaux Banks has really become a staple in my spank factory since THIS scene and Cliff Jensen is an absolute super star. These 3 together is simple as A(shton) B(eaux) C(liff).

Ashton is getting a massage by Beaux, and like any rational human being, Beaux get thoroughly turned on working over Ashton’s body. The massage turns into deep throating as Cliff walks by and spies on the action through a fence. Beaux is horned up and sits on Ashton’s throbbing cock, giving voyeur Cliff great material to get off to.

Beaux realizes they have a spy and jumps under the table, continuing to blow Ashton in a perfectly placed hole on the massage table. Cliff joins in and offers his huge dick to Ashton’s mouth, creating some fucking cool camera angles of this blow job train.

Ashton and Cliff go fucking wild, mercilessly pounding out Beaux’s incredible butt. We can barely hear any of Beaux’s moans, because he’s always spit roasted – not some tip of the head licking, full throat fucking while getting his hole drilled.

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