Two of my favorite men to shoot EVER… together…

I have no idea when this was shot. I thought both Adam Herst and Scott Hunter had retired from porn.

But… here they are together in a scene I admit I wish I had shot myself. These men are so perfect in every way that they were both a joy to work with. And they’re so hot I can cum just from looking at them.

Both hot as ever and both of them have such amazing facial expressions while fucking, it’s… well, it’s porn magic.

Watch the video and check out more stills after the jump…

Although… Adam isn’t British, he’s American. But who cares? They’re like fire together.

Big muscled hairy lads, Adam Herst and Scott Hunter, start their scene in shiny sports kit, kissing, and feeling up each others big muscular bodies. Adam pulls off his top and Scott licks his pecs and nipples. Adam flexes, pulling Scott into his armpit. They kiss some more then Adam pulls off Scott’s top, licking hairy armpit as he tweaks Scott’s nipples.

Scott reaches for the oil, pours, and rubs it into Adam’s chest and huge biceps. They switch, and Adam rubs oil into Scott’s equally impressive body for some big muscle worship. Scott gets down on his knees to oil up Adam’s legs, which are MASSIVE, bigger and thicker than most rugby players! As he rubs oil into those huge thighs, Adam pulls Scott’s face into his crotch.

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