Dillan & Blake

Sean Cody veteran power bottom Blake is back, offering up his anal glory to relative newcomer Dillan. Dillan has that charming frat guy look – you know that one frat guy who isn’t a douche? Blake’s golden skin and beautiful butt is always hot and welcome in my spank material.

Dillan starts off sweet and charming with deep kissing, quickly ramping it up by plunging his dick in Blake’s throat for quality face fucking. As he rails Blake on his back, I noticed Blake’s toes curled. I love seeing the bottom totally getting off to the action this. These pics don’t show it, so you’ll have to check out the full scene to see Blake in ecstasy.

Watching Dillan pump away in doggy really gets me going. He spreads Blake’s flawless, sweaty cheeks apart as he drills filling your ears with Blake’s guttural OHHH YEEAAAAAA’s. Dillan even goes hands free to let Blake take control and back his ass up balls deep in Dillan’s yummy dick.

All of the cum shots are great because Blake’s butt looks best just painted in sweat and jizz. Head over to Sean Cody to see this fuck fest – treat yo’self!!!

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