Skuff: Dog House

Since fan favourite (and personal sexual fantasy) Jason Vario will be making his bottom debut tomorrow, let’s take a look at why he’s been such a great top. Hot House presents a pretty stellar leather fantasy scene with Jason and Gabriel Cross.

Jason is a huge behemoth of a man. When he stands beside Gabriel’s smaller frame, I almost feel sorry for the destruction Jason’s about to lay down. Almost… The cock sucking is one sided, as Gabriel is clearly just Jason’s play toy. Again, seeing Jason’s huge uncut dick on Gabriel’s small face is foreshadowing  🙂

Gabriel gets up in a sling on his back allowing Jason to missile dive in and out of his tiny hole. Jason is a total fuck machine and I’m totally getting off on Gabriel struggling to handle the pounding. Jason fucks Gabriel in doggy, holding a vice grip on his hips until ready to give Gabriel a well earned facial.

We’ll be reporting the full story of Jason’s bottom debut tomorrow. For now, check out this killer scene from Hot House HERE.

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