I Like Cherries

Next Door Raw caught my eye with this scene because of the name of one their new models: Steve Rogers. Being a comic book fan and full on Captain America/Chris Evans groupie I was intrigued. Then I saw him and wowza!

The scene starts with Steve confronting Chad Piper for watching him through the window while he’s changing. In a surprise twist, Steve says he likes being watched and tells Chad his fantasy is about to come true. When Chad reveals he’s a virgin, Steve coyly says “I like cherries”


Action starts with Steve commanding every move, forcing Chad to undress and swallow his dick. Sometimes, dominant behavior in porn can seem forced I don’t buy it. I am buying whatever Steve is selling. Twice. Steve slides into Chad’s virgin hole in doggy, and he doesn’t go slow! Fucking Chad all over, Steve blows his load on Chad’s hole, sticks it back in and keeps fucking until Chad pops too.

I’ll be keeping a VERY close eye on Steve.
You can too by heading over to Next Door Raw HERE.

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