Most of you under 50 would just remember Nancy Walker as “The Quicker Picker Upper” lady from the paper towel commercials. If you’re under about 37, you might recognize her as “Rhoda’s Mother.”

But she was, in fact, a hilarious and talented woman of stage and screen. She was also a TV director, bringing us episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So yes, she was a genius.

But few people under 60 know that she also had a beautiful singing voice and had quite the recording career. Her first commercially available record was in the 40s, avaialble only a 10″ shellacs, a selection of songs from “On The Town.”

Listen to the whole album after the jump…

Her first solo album “I Can Cook Too” is a fantastic collection of her signature hit from On The Town and other Broadway standards, but she solifified her status as comedy-songstress with her second album, “I Hate Men.”

Nancy opens the album with the beautiful Everything I Got but manages to give her take on show tunes and standards. This is VERY worth the trouble of hunting down. It’s like when you’re at a wedding and realize that Aunt Nancy is by FAR the best singer in the family.


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