Luke Adams gets fucked by his Big Brother

I can’t really say much about this scene… it was a blast to shoot, although we spent more time laughing and chatting than actually shooting Luke Adams getting fucked.

Ok so… Tristan Jaxx has a HUGE dick... like… it’s so big that it doesn’t even really look as big as it is on screen because it’s… that big. Hard to explain.

Anyway… Luke had Googled Tristan so he knew what he looked like and he certainly did want to shoot with him based on that. But once he saw just how big Tristan’s dick was, he couldn’t wait to get going.


That pic above was taken during a break while we changed the lights around and Luke was all “no, you can leave that in my ass.” That’s just how much he liked it. Luke LOVES a big, uncut dick.

So as we kept shooting, Tristan’s perfectly-shaped dick was hitting Luke in all the right places and he kept doing this thing where he almost cums and then yells “PAUSE!!” letting us know that… he was just about to cum and needed to stop. HE did that a LOT in this scene.

Once we were done and all the cum was blown and we were all done, Luke and Tristan spent the rest of the day and evening cuddled up together on the couch giggling like two sweethearts. That was one of the coolest parts… they really did get along and really were into each other.

You can watch or download the whole movie here at Titanmen.

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