Brock’s Homecoming

Sean Cody is notorious for finding the hottest guys on the planet. More often than not, they find a perfect Adonis who will do a solo and never return to porn anywhere ever again.  Today’s shocker is that Brock returns to Sean Cody after a solo from 2015! Why is this a big deal? Take a look at him:

*heavy breathing*

Brock is paired up with Joey, Sean Cody’s most talented bottom. Joey has classic handsome features and an eager butt. This is HOT sex guys. Joey starts blowing Brock, but almost immediately gives that up so he can sit on that dick. I guess the taste was so overwhelming, Joey’s ass got jealous. They take turns with control, Joey bouncing his ass and then holding it place so Brock can jack hammer. Brock’s massive body throws Joey all over the bed, until he pops his load – which Joey slurps up.

Mid scene starts with fantastic ass eating, Joey spreading his hole wide for Brock’s tongue and fingers. This is easily my fave part of the scene, because they’re both so into it! I shot my load here twice, even though there’s more fucking and cum swapping after hehe.

Head over to Sean Cody now! You can’t pass this power fucking duo, your dick will thank you!

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