Tyler Roberts & Wesley Woods

Falcon presents an intimate and passionate scene located in good old NOLA. If you’ve never been, GO! So much food, culture and beautiful men from all over the world. Love and Lust in New Orleans starts off with the very handsome Tyler Roberts stroking his meat in the bath. And it’s a sight to behold:

This guy is too friggin handsome for his own good.

Wesley Woods walks in on this scene and as any rational human being, he dives face first on that cock not wasting time with taking his clothes off. As these two cock sucking pros show us their throating talents, we see them smiling, genuinely enjoying devouring each other.

After mutual ass eating (they’ve both got great butts!), they head to a bed for a proper fuck fest. Taking full reigns, Tyler owns all Wesley starting out by pounding him behind. Tyler’s thick dick slides all the way in and out with ease as Wesley’s moans fill your ears. I loved watching Tyler fuck Wesley on his back, drilling the cum out of him as sweat drips everywhere. Tyler seals the deal by spilling his seen in Wesley’s open mouth.

Check out the rest of this beautifully shot movie at Falcon HERE.

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