Morning Wood or Breakfast in Bed?

I like to consider morning wood as breakfast in bed, and I think Cockyboys agrees in their new scene! Ken Summers wakes up next to Valentin Braun with some light kisses that turns up the heat quickly. Ken ain’t messing around and dives down on Valentin’s dick like the perfect boyfriend he is. Valentin’s abs a perfectly lit by the rising sun as he writhes around in pleasure.

Ready for that ass, Valentin flips Ken over for some doggy drill time. Ken arching his back and moaning is prime time stroke material. Ken wants some a Valentin’s sweet hole too, tenderly teasing it with his fingers with Valentin on his back.  I love flip scenes and am happily surprised to see how dominate Ken can be. They continue to take turns on each other’s holes until Valentin blows all over his chiseled body while get fucked on is back.

Dig into this Cockyboy scene and their massive catalog HERE.

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