Just One Night: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

This Halloween, Cockyboys gives us quite the treat with a sexy flip fuck of Boomer Banks and Michael DelRay. When the action begins with ass eating on a fire escape, you know you’re getting something special. Don’t worry! They only spend a few minutes here before heading inside for more filth.

Watching Michael choke and gag on Boomer’s infamous meat is just great. Michael looks up and you see his cute face covered in slobber and pre cum. This is prime time throating guys. So turn your volume up. Michael stands up, turns Boomer around and roughly pushes him over presenting the Boomer Butt to the world. Michael takes the words right out of my mouth “Look at this beautiful ass!” before diving in. 

Michael first slides his dick inside Boomer in doggy and I love seeing Boomers hair flair forward with each thrust into him. When Boomer sits down on Michael, he spreads is own cheeks apart for us to see a perfect view of his hole being stuffed.

Boomer throws Michael on his back and gets his legs in the air. It’s right here we’re reminded how huge Boomer is. Michael doesn’t visibly struggle to take it all in, but boy is he vocal about. And it’s not fake porn moaning – it’s clear Michael’s never been probed this deep before and walls are shaking. In doggy, it’s pretty hot to see Michael’s slender body being rammed by one of the biggest dicks in the game.  

Michael unloads all over Boomer’s face and chest in gallons before eating Boomer’s balls until he pops. Sticky sticky yum!

Bone up with Boomer and Michael in Just One Night here.
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