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Just One Night: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay


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This Halloween, Cockyboys gives us quite the treat with a sexy flip fuck of Boomer Banks and Michael DelRay. When the action begins with ass eating on a fire escape, you know you’re getting something special. Don’t worry! They only spend a few minutes here before heading inside for more filth.

Watching Michael choke and gag on Boomer’s infamous meat is just great. Michael looks up and you see his cute face covered in slobber and pre cum. This is prime time throating guys. So turn your volume up. Michael stands up, turns Boomer around and roughly pushes him over presenting the Boomer Butt to the world. Michael takes the words right out of my mouth “Look at this beautiful ass!” before diving in. 

Michael first slides his dick inside Boomer in doggy and I love seeing Boomers hair flair forward with each thrust into him. When Boomer sits down on Michael, he spreads is own cheeks apart for us to see a perfect view of his hole being stuffed.

Boomer throws Michael on his back and gets his legs in the air. It’s right here we’re reminded how huge Boomer is. Michael doesn’t visibly struggle to take it all in, but boy is he vocal about. And it’s not fake porn moaning – it’s clear Michael’s never been probed this deep before and walls are shaking. In doggy, it’s pretty hot to see Michael’s slender body being rammed by one of the biggest dicks in the game.  

Michael unloads all over Boomer’s face and chest in gallons before eating Boomer’s balls until he pops. Sticky sticky yum!

Bone up with Boomer and Michael in Just One Night here.
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Brysen & Joey


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What a great weekend for power fucking! Over at the Sean Cody house, seasoned pro Joey gives up his beautiful butt to Brysen. The action starts out slow and teasing, Brysen giving Joey a poolside massage. I love that Brysen doesn’t really massage anything but Joey’s ass. Who can blame him? Look at this ass!

Yes, this pic is from another scene but it’s a great pic

Don’t worry guys, the pace picks up quickly when the duo take a shower together. Joey first takes on Brysen’s cock with his mouth and we really get to see how huge that dick is. In a shower that was clearly built for porn shoots, Joey slides his hole down on Brysen’s cock and magic ensues. Brysen is possessed and power drills Joey’s hole from a seated position. The shower walls echo Joey’s moans beautifully as Brysen moves them into standing doggy for the first pop shot.

Joey is really tall but Brysen has no problem using Joey’s body to his advantage. Brysen throws Joey around in all kinds of positions for ass eating, sucking dick, Twister like dip stick fucking and some really hot ATM. Joey blows a load while sitting on Brysen, taking ‘balls deep’ as literal as possible.

Brysen is fucking insatiable. After what feels like the 20th position change, but no change in power fucking pace, Brysen drops a load perfectly in Joey’s mouth. After a moment of caressing to catch their breath, Brysen leans in for a jizzy smooch.

Guys. I came 3 times to this scene today. Click here to watch this scene on Sean Cody and lemme know how many times you shot a load to these 2.


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Oh dear.


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Paranormal by Men.com


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Coming SoonFuckinghairMenMen.comMuscle

I am a HUGE Paddy O’Brian fan and have been since his early days. Paddy’s come a long way since begrudgingly jerking off beside a guy to being the center of attention in a gangbang (seriously, check out this wildly hot military scene where a group a studs take turns on Paddy’s hole). Today, Men.com kicks off a series for Halloween called Paranormal starring Paddy and Nicolas Brooks.

I don’t really get the plot for this one, but that’s okay because Paddy and Nicolas are a hot pair. Paddy’s got a beautiful cock, so watching a beefy dude like Nicolas getting face fucked like a piston gets me pumping. Nicolas bends over and offers his meaty butt to Paddy’s face to devour. I love love love rimming and Nicolas has an ass to feast on. Loving all of this!

When Paddy starts fucking Nicolas in doggy, I caught myself admiring Paddy’s incredible physique. Though not a beefy guy, Paddy is tight and ripped which is on display as he power fucks. Once he gets a good rhythm going, Paddy gets covered in sweat which only accents his impeccable body. I’ve love to run my tongue all over him and I know I’d have to get in line.

Nicolas cums while getting drilled on his back, revealing just how huge his balls are. I absolutely love a big pair in my mouth, so watching Nicolas’ boys jiggle is very hypnotic. Paddy blasts his load on Nicolas, frosting his beard. The camera slowly pans up Paddy’s body, showing us his glistening and bulging body panting. Camera pans down again as Paddy leans down for a cum soaked kiss. Ahhhhhhhhh sweat release.

Watch all of this Paddy and Nicolas glory here.

Part 2 is out on Oct 30th – check out the trailer here.

Part 3, a Paddy threesome, comes out on Halloween – check out that trailer here.

Lastly, in writing this post, I checked out some of my favourite scenes of Paddy’s over the years and was impressed to see he has a whopping 111 scenes on Men.com! Check out his entire Men.com catalog here and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1.

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Tristan Jaxx’s Big Ol’ Dick Goes Up Jeremy Spreadums’ Butt.


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This was one of those wild scenes that we had to just… wing.


Keith Webb told me that because all of our rental locations in Palm Springs had been rented for things like Spring Break and other events… we had nowhere to shoot that month. So we had to shoot in LA.

“What do you want me to shoot?” I asked and he told me “whatever you want… make it fun. Make it…. LA.”

I called a few friends. I asked if I could use their houses or basements or garages… This scene was shot in the Korea Town apartment of a friend of my first camera operator Darius Union.

We decided that instead of having a script and dialogue, we’d keep what the guys were saying secret. We were going to have a movie about cruising for sex in Los Angeles. Yeah, it doesn’t happen as much now that smart phones have become how men find quick sex. But we all LOVE that idea of just seeing a guy out in the wild, chatting him up for a minute and then finding a place to have a quick trick.

The opening bits were shot with the same steady cam I used for the Micheltoreana Steps sequence in Silverlake. We were fine with a few cars or people way off in the background, but on a busy day in a busy neighborhood, finding those moments when no people were there… THAT was rough. We had a lot of waiting between takes. But we got it. And it flows beautifully.

Once we got inside and started the still photography, Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick and couldn’t WAIT to get it up his hole. Honestly… Tristan has one of the most pretty dicks I’ve ever seen. Even the tops are all “yeah, he can stick that up my butt.”

This was seriously a great scene. The guys were totally into each other and they just wanted to fuck. Jeremy’s amazing body, Tristan’s amazing dick. Perfect combination. And while it was a VERY tight shoot (that room is a lot smaller than it looks), we made it work.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Ultra-Slow Kate Bush is the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard.


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This has been around for nearly 6 years, but I figured it was time to post it again (Last time I posted this, I was working on a different blog, after all).

The original version of this song is 4:28. It’s a sweet piece of pre-New Wave pre-Goth post-Punk etherial photo-pop that let us know that everything was going to change. If a few years.

Kate’s music still stuns and inspires, scares and comforts. But it’s never quite been like this.

Slowed down to roughly 12% it’s original speed (while digitally maintaining its original pitch), Wuthering Heights now becomes the ultimate chill-out, trip-up track that will either send you into a wonderful sleep or haunt your nightmares.


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Zane’s Glow Up


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Zane first caught my attention waaaaay back in 2009 in a threesome scene on ChaosMen (check out that scene here). While Zane was fucking hot back then, he is full on sex on thick legs now. Take a look!

The beard, embraced body hair, more mass and tighter definition all have me bulging out. Here he is eating ass and getting his hole eaten in a service scene with Andreus. Zane looks like he’s in heaven in both positions – I love seeing a raging hard on while eating butt!

Here is his beautiful, veiny cock getting worshipped by Jayme. Zane assisting with both hands clasped around Jayme’s head is yummy.

And life wouldn’t be complete without a filthy flip fuck with ChaosMen’s VIP Vander. Vander is clearly in love with the way Zane smells and tastes getting into some pit piggy pleasure. Vander’s always been a fantastic cock sucker, but he goes in on Zane’s meat like he lives to devour all that flavor.

We get some glorious 69 rimming, both hairy holes on clear display for us. Vander’s bottoming talent takes center stage as Zane drives in nuts to guts! Zane takes a turn in doggy, before flipping again. ATM fans rejoice – we get an uninterrupted shot of Zane’s dick leaving Vander’s ass and going in his throat. Vander goes down on it as if he’s beginning a scene, not closing one.

What do you guys think of Zane’s new look?
Check out all of these new scenes of ChaosMen here!

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Reality Blows Part 2


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Whenever I see Jason Vario in a scene, I get an insta-chub and need immediate release. His face is a scene of perfection and I can never get enough. Jason’s got a world class ass that I study every day of my life. Though I think his best work so far was at TitanMen (click here to see that glory), Reality Blows Part 2 by Men.com really caught my attention.

Jason’s co-star is Trent King. I’ve watched most of his scenes and this is the first I’ve caught where he bottoms. Scene starts with Trent walking in on Jason asleep in the nude. Trent, much like I would do, immediately drops to his knees to fill his mouth with dick. It doesn’t take long for Jason to wake up, force Trent to throat him harder and then return the favour. Trent is packing some serious business so I was happily surprised to see Jason swallow that meat so deeply.

After some ass eating, Trent offers up his hole and takes all of Jason’s power fucking. It’s really impressive how easily Trent moves from positions. He’s pretty voracious for Jason’s dick and loves in every angle he can get it. Men.com is often criticized for poor lighting, but this scene is bright and in your face so you can enjoy all the hole stretching cock pumping beauty properly.

Click here to see these gods fuck in crystal clear HD and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1!

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Embarrassing moments in Entertainment History: The Brady Bunch sing “Shake Your Booty.”


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It’s hard to know where to start with this. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour was a very unfortunate attempt to recreate the Donny and Marie show using the only whiter TV property… the cast of the Brady Bunch.. who performed in character. Now… most of them couldn’t sing (although the girl recast as Jan could kinda sorta sing) and they really couldn’t dance (although I’d have taken a few pelvic thrusts from Greg) and Alice clearly didn’t know any of the dance steps… Dad couldn’t bend over and the whole thing is such a mess it’s hard to know where to look.

bonus points for that haphazardly thrown together multilayer blue screen at the end that threw in a swimming pool in front of them and miniature kick dancers in front of that…

There is no excuse for this other than “it was the 70s and we didn’t know any better.”

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Damien Stone Bottoms!


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Damien Stone is a relative newcomer to porn taking the scene by storm. Not to be confused with this retired beautiful man, this muscle stud has already gained a strong following shooting with major studios. I see a lot of you guys on Twitter asking if he’s ever bottomed – I’m here to tell you YES!!!

One of his first scenes was shot by Str8Chaser, and it is hands down their best scene to date. I’m a total ass man so if you’re a fan of big ol’ MUSCLE BUTT, whip it out because Damien delivers.

All of Str8Chaser’s scenes have the same premise of a horny dude cruising parks to find straight guys in need of quick cash. We never see this guy’s face as its shot entirely in POV. Damien’s body is out of control as is his devious grin when he gets propositioned.

Getting to the action, Damien bends over presenting all his muscle butt glory. Beautifully shaped, lightly hairy, back arched *fap*fap*fap*

2 things stand out from the rest of Str8Chaser’s scenes. 1 – Damien actually sounds likes he’s struggling to take dick and is VERY vocal. I always found it amusing when a “first time bottom” takes a 10” inch with barely a grimace. Though Damien is vocal, he powers through and keeps that wonderful arch the entire time in doggy. 2 – POV or amateur scenes often have awful angles that move around too much, making it a challenge to pop off to just the right moment. Our mystery cruiser has a great balance of penetration, muscle admiration and face shots.

I had the chance to chat with Damien recently. I told him how much of a fan I am of this scene and how many times he’s gotten me off with it, asking if he’d bottom again soon. He said he probably won’t bottom on camera again until LATE 2018. Good things come to those who wait, but if you wanna cum now check out this scene ASAP. Really fucking hot and you’ll get fantastic mileage out of it.

Get stroking!

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