Mike Gaite takes “My 10 Inches.”


Usually a site built all around one person isn’t going to last very long… The big exception that comes to mind is Jake Cruise (where our blog partner Jasun Mark worked for years), but even Jake has stopped performing.

That said… I’m going to give Rocco Steele‘s solo venture My 10 Inches the “exception to the rule” here. Rocco is a handsome, funny and cool guy but his dick is not only 10″ long… it’s 8″ in circumference. That’s one hell of a dick and with his top-notch performing skills… he’s gonna break open a LOT of asses and I’m pretty sure the porn star bottoms of the world are going to want to line up to take a ride.

Today… Mike Gaite. Also handsome and a great bottom… he takes Rocco’s dick every way he can. It’s clearly bigger than he’s used to… but he grits his teeth through it. It’s an amazing thing to watch, really.

Watch the whole scene over at My 10 Inches.


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