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Hunter Marx returns and gets his hairy little ass FUCKED by Tex Davidson.


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I will admit…

I’ve wanted to see Hunter get his ass fucked good and hard by Tex.

Hunter is a strong man… he can take it and like it. He’s always one of the guys we call when we need a big hunk of muscle. And Tex is an equally strong man who can REALLY dish out a good solid fuck.

So pairing them together is bound to get you jerking off non-stop. Such a hot scene. And your old buddy Jasun directed it so you know we show you ALL the things you wanted to see and you get to see it all up close and lit well enough to see it.

The hottest part was when Hunter was down on all fours facing the mirror while getting fucked from behind. Hunter is watching himself get fucked. And he’s looking at Tex in the eye in the mirror while Tex slides that huge dick up his hole.

Trust, me, you don’t wanna miss this one.

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Cher’s New Song is Bonkers.


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The undisputed God Mother of gay culture has just released this totally baffling, strange and downright bonkers song called “Ooga Boo.”

From the animated TV show “Home Adventures with Tip and Oh.”

Wait for a protest from some right-wing pearl-clutching tank to start any time.


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