Jason Vario gives Jack Hunter a big tool in BOOM.


This was quite the scene. It’s rare we have someone in two scenes in a row, but the script called for Jack Hunter’s character to fuck with Adam Ramzi and then Jason Vario arrives and fucks Jack again. It was HOT… Very hot. And we had no AC so… we just had to push through it all.

I wanted a bit of parallel to the two scenes… In the first one, Jack stands up and blows a load in Adam’s face so in this scene the setup is the same, but it’s Jack on the receiving end this time.

We used a few different parts of that huge room. It’s not very often I have walls stripped bare (I think the last time was in Hard At Work with George Ce and Landon Conrad) so I was able to get a good run with the guys pushed up against the wall.

I also wanted to get a good riding position in the middle so I could see Jack’s hard dick flopping around 360°. And of course it had to end with Jack on his back so Jason could cum in his face like that.

And WOW those cumshots were big. Really big.

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