Matthew Bosch lets Liam Knox get all 10 Inches up his hot little ass.


Yes, porn lovers of all persuasions… it’s time for another movie in the Titanmen Renovation series.

We started over a year ago with Blueprint… introduced Bruce Beckham to the Titanmen family and gave our first look at the huge old “Pablo Escobar” house that Titan was going to renovate… Then we dropped a few scenes in the movies Say Uncle and Parole… then earlier this year in Demolition and now “BOOM.” *The movie was originally called “Boom” because we were going to totally demolish the house… but instead a less dramatic gutting and rebuilding happened.

BOOM stars in a different house (which we’ll also see be renovated) and then continues in the main house. Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox play contractors who can’t keep their hands off each other…

And really… if you were one of them, could you keep your hands off the other one?

Matthew’s dick is so big it defies description.. it’s long… very long… and thick… and uncut… and when it gets hard it’s like a unicorn horn pointing to the sky… Funny how he started out as a top and then one day (in a scene with Eddy CeeTee if memory serves me), he decided he wanted to top… and now he’s a lean, mean fucking machine.

Liam’s ass is so perfectly muscular and round… solid and fuckable. Pairing the two together was one of the best casting choices we could have made.

And they two tore it up. Enjoy…

Click Here to see the full movie at Titanmen.

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