Hot Naked Red Head Comic Book Hero…. JOX 4 is Finally Out.

Two of my favorite things: Red Head Men and Porn Comics with actual good stories.

The JOX series continues with the explosive fourth issue. I’ve been a huge fan of Class Comics for years because of the solid titles, the amazing art and stories, the hot action and the unapologetically gay tone of it all.

Strong, muscular men… heroic and all, but there are also the bad boys who “get it in the end,” so to speak.

In this fourth installment, JOX has been captured by an enigmatic mercenary named Ganymead Sicard. After some hardcore fucking action, JOX is set free and we find out that Ganymead isn’t such a bad guy after all… he just has personal motivation to do the bidding of the evil Reiwulf (who himself is working for someone we don’t know yet…)

I highly recommend this series which is one of my favorites from their massive catalogue of titles, and you can start with this issue or go back to the premier. Class Comics are available in both digital and print versions.

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