Dirk Caber makes Jackson Grant “Cum Laude.”

The joke was so obvious I’m amazed it hasn’t been done to death. And the setup is perfect for a Titanmen summer movie… Dirk Caber plays “the dirty professor” who brings three of his favorite students to his weekend house in Palm Springs for some fun in the sun.

First up… Dirk and Jackson Grant fuck under the hot California sun by the pool.

I’m really proud of how I made this one look. It jumps off the screen with super-saturated colours that make it look like a 50s vacation postcard. I achieved this by hitting the men with a lot of bright light that was on the warmer yellow end and then in post, correcting with an azure filter that gives the sky that stunning deep blue and the the trees that emerald tone. It’s always fun to shoot stuff with two really good performers that give me the chance to really get some great shots and action.

Since I had two really top-notch performers, I was able to also add a few accent shots… my favorite was the drone shot. We shot this in December last year (yes, it’s like that a week before Christmas in Palm Springs) and the sun disappeared behind that mountain at 3:12 that day…. so we had to finish fast… and we did.

They were done so early we had time to clear away all the gear and get the guys to do it all again so I could shoot it from the opposite angle. It helps further the illusion that the guys were alone…

Except they weren’t.

Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana were watching from the bushes (and are visible in one of the drone shots).

Scene two (next Wednesday) will be what happened after Lorenzo and Jonah caught Dirk and Jackson fucking.

You can see the whole scene here at Titanmen.

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