Kayden Gray is HIV+ and That Changes Absolutely Nothing.

Working in Sexual Health, Kayden finally bit the bullet and came out publicly as HIV+.

And good for him. Coming out as positive could affect his porn career and his work as an escort. But other than that… it doesn’t affect the way that we here at Dick Harden feel about him. He’s still a handsome, hot and top-notch performer and we’re happy to blog about his scenes.

Watch the video.. it’s rather beautifully unguarded and bluntly honest… and he’s right… being HIV+ doesn’t make you a “whore” nor does it mean anything about you at all. As I’ve told friends, family and strangers for over 25 years… the virus doesn’t care who you are or what you’re like… it’s not a judgment. It just is what it is.

We debated linking to a scene that he’s in on this post because we didn’t want to come across like we were trying to profit from such a serious video but we decided that NOT linking to his new scene would further the stigma that HIV+ men “shouldn’t be having sex.” And that’s just not true.

Besides, his new scene from Naked Sword’s Kiss And Tel Aviv is hot and we were going to be blogging about it, anyway. So.. here’s a few stills… check out the whole scene at Naked Sword.

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