Jason Vario fucks Adam Ramzi in the scene I didn’t direct in the movie I did.

The bulk of this story is SO not hot… so maybe go over to Titanmen right now and just watch the scene itself.

But if you wanna know about one of the worst days I’ve had while making a movie… here you go.

So the short version of the story is that I get very little credit for how this scene went down. My incredible crew were able to make this scene happen while I was back at the house where we were staying, curled up on the floor with the flu. So while I did plan out the positions and the setup, I wasn’t there while the video was being shot. So really, Don Simmer and Darius Union get credit for this one. They did an amazing job, this scene is ace.

Now… I DID drag my sorry ass to the set so I could plan out positions and do all the still photography… That’s still one they need me for… Although I kept having to drop my camera and run to the bathroom to barf. So it wasn’t pretty.

What WAS pretty was the amazing stills I was getting. Jason and Adam together were magic. I could barely hold my camera still but the images I was seeing through my lens were so hot that we kept going. Their beautiful skin tones complimented each other beautifully and their natural chemistry was right there on display. You’ll really love this scene. I’m so proud of my crew (who, to be fair, are both good film makers and editors in their own right, so it’s not like I can claim to have taught them all their know).

Fun Fact: The flu that I got (along with producer Keith Webb) was brought to the set by Jesse Jackman. He didn’t know he was sick, so it’s not his fault (and I’m not sure how “fun” this fact is), but since Jesse was also sick, he was unable to perform in the planned scene with Jason Vario in “Pool Service” which is why Bennet Anthony stood in and the movie’s story changed.

The scene’s setup was relatively simple. Adam is a delivery man who shows up at the Jim Support factory. Jason is working there packing slings, fuck benches and rim seats for their website customers and… the rest pretty much happens like you’d expect in a Jasun Mark movie, even if Jasun wasn’t there calling the shots.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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