It’s A Series Of Tubes

Axe Body Spray up until now has been a collection of scents we associate with teenage male d-bags, but this new campaign seems to shatter that whole image as it asks “is it ok for guys…”

It even lets you know that yes, hooking up with a guy is ok. This is part of their “Find Your Magic Initiative,” the young men’s body spray maker has released a new campaign video, “Is It Ok For Guys?” based on a recent study that found that “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”

So while most of us probably find their scents on this side of “dead musk rat,” we can at least give them props for that.

Yesterday was Cher’s 71st birthday. Here’s one of my favorite songs by her. Back during the AIDS crisis, this became an anthem of a community that had to learn to care for each other while we fought city hall, the federal government, families, hospitals, landlords, drug companies and our own worn resolve.

Yes, Anderson Cooper is very sorry he said “if [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it.” But he wasn’t wrong and he WAS throwing a bit of uncharacteristic shade. And while he’s apologized for saying it, I figure if Anderson Cooper can’t make the odd poop joke, the Terrorists have won.

What do we think of this? Some fans are upset there aren’t enough straight white guys, but I’m a bit more worried about how another prequel could potentially fuck up decades of mythology.

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