And That’s a Wrap…

Day four is done.. we’re finished shooting this new Joe Gage movie… look for it at the end of the year. Jason Vario and Jeremy Spreadums did a great job… we had a LOT of fun but I’ll admit that Joe really challenged us on this one. We couldn’t find a parking garage that would allow us to shoot a porn all day on a Sunday, so we had to use the Jim Support factory and… pretty much shoot around anything that wasn’t a floor or a ceiling. There’s a lot of up and down shots. There’s a lot of tight shots. But mostly there’s a lot of big dick and tight hole.

If you don’t wanna wait to see Jeremy in action, Click Here to see him in action with JJ Knight over at Raging Stallion.

Jeremy showed up to the set wearing a butt plug and carrying a bag of dildos so he’d be stretched enough for Jason’s dick. But it was still a tight fit.

Scene’s gonna be a really good one. They had great chemistry and I think we got a really good day of footage… so that’s a wrap on this week… now back to LA where we start editing and planning for the next shoot.

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