Luke Adams and Tex Davison back together… Joe Gage directing.


A kinda quick-funny clip from the set. This is the initial penetration and Luke wasn’t QUITE ready for it… video cuts off but he came back in the room laughing… He’d forgotten how big it was. But he was just joking around, don’t worry… Luke can take it.

Fans will catch that this is the second scene with Luke Adams and Tex Davidson. It was in my movie Say Uncle (click here to see the trailer). But people begged to see them together again and who are we to say “no?” Especially when it’s Joe Gage directing…

It’s kinda hard to explain what my role is when Joe Gage is directing. I end up doing all the technical directing… lighting it, framing it, calling shots and all the stuff like that… Joe directs the performers and the action.. It’s a dream working in tandem with Joe like this. This new movie is going to be a scorcher.

This is day 3… we’re all tired and a bit punch drunk, but one more scene and we’re done on this movie.

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