College Jocks Lucas Garza and Brady Corbin

So I do actually have a connection to Gay Hoopla. Back in 2005, one of my first jobs in gay porn was for Fratmen. And Landon who now runs Gay Hoopla was one of the guys on camera… Now just directing his own stuff, he’s one of the guys who brings you Gay Hoopla. Very cool to see where it all went.

Here’s Lucas and Brady. Lucas gets fucked for the first time by Brady… he starts out a bit… slow… it’s clearly pushing him past his limits. But he’s eventually enjoying it. A lot. His dick is rock hard, he’s got that pleasure-and-pain thing and that look on his face when he realizes that a dick up your pipe feels good.

And then the cum starts to shoot.

After it’s all done Lucas admits that it hurt a lot at first but then he got into it… but then says “I’m gonna have a hard time walking tomorrow.” I have a feeling he’s gonna want more dick.

Click Here to watch it at Gay Hoopla

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